Winter 2006 Vol. 2, Issue 1

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: What are some of the best ways to maintain the verbal release? / My dog barks continuous only when the car is in motion. / Question on interaction with police dog and 10 month old baby. 
  • Tapping in: Preparing the K-9 Team for Wiretap Investigations – Success or failure of a complex Title III investigation may depend on a K-9 team’s training, reliability, and record keeping. – By J. O. Gentry
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The Regional Lodz (Poland) K-9 Unit – By Joanna Kwiatek-Meyer
  • Report Writing 101: Canine Use-of-Force: Incident reports must effectively justify your actions in deploying your canine partner. – By Brad Smith
  • Healthwatch: Preventing and Handling Exposure to Poisonous Animals – Quick response is vital when your police service dog comes into contact with poisonous snakes, spiders, or bees. – By Kevin T. Fitzgerald, DVM, ABVP
  • Partners Against Crime: The History of Police Service Dogs: Although they first served in place of humans, service dogs have proved to be valuable additions to police forces worldwide. – By Verite Reily Collins
  • Case Study: Establishing Your Dog’s Reliability – Training and certification records are essential to establishing canine reliability in court. – By Ted Daus

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