Summer 2006 Vol. 2, Issue 3

  • In My Opinion: Positional Obedience – Adding variation to obedience training increases its interest – and value – to you and your partner – By Jimmie Davenport
  • Training Perspectives Q&A: What is the proper speed for a track, and how do I get my dog to to that speed? / Any good suggestions for how ot get a dog to be neutral to equipment? / How can I get my dog used to being picked up? 
  • Police K-9 Tracking: Training a Reliable Tracking Canine Rigorous human-scent-discrimination training will produce a police service dog that the courts can judge to be reliable. – Part 2 of 2 – By Tracy Bowling
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department – By Anthony Jenkins
  • The Art of Hotel-Motel Interdiction: A narcotics canine is an effective tool in hotel-motel interdiction, particularly in knock-and-talk situations. – By Ted Daus
  • Canine Legal Update: Tracking and Patrol Issues – By Terry Fleck
  • Deployment: Lady Luck and the Old Dog A drug dealer outsmarts himself in this humorous, but successful deployment – By Chris Morrell
  • Healthwatch: Protection Your Canine from Heatstroke – By Kevin T. Fitzgerald, DVM, ABVP
  • No-Stress Recalls Avoid recall issues by giving your canine a solid training foundation with no negative associations. – By Steve Sprouse

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