January/February 2008 Vol. 4, Issue 1

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: What can I do to get my dog to stop focusing on cats? / We often use our dogs for evidence searches. My dog, a six year old Malinois, always picks up the item. He searches well and always locates the evidence, but instead of lying down on it, he picks it up. / I work a single-purpose narc dog. He searches well in training and on side roads. However, when we are on a busy highway, which is during most of our searches, he is very distracted by the noise and traffic. 
  • In my opinion: Integrating SWAT and K-9: K-9s can boost SWAT teams’ success rate and margin of safety. – By Bill Lewis
  • Rewarding the Substance Detection K-9 – An exploration of the beliefs, traditions, and facts concerning substance-detection training. – By Randy Hare
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The British Transport Police Dog Section – By Paul Saunders
  • Deployment: Thorough Training Pays Off – Confidence in your K-9’s abilities – both your confidence and his – comes from rigorous, real-world training. – By William Richard
  • Canine Legal Update: Narcotics Sniffs on Property – By Terry Fleck
  • Healthwatch: Disease Fingerprints – By Kevin T. Fitzgerald, DVM, DABVP
  • Decoying with Reality in Mind – Your decoy can make or break your dog – By Steve Sprouse
  • A Leap of Faith – When an exterior vehicle sniff suddenly becomes an interior sniff, you may face legal challenges in court. – By Ted Daus

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