March/April 2008 Vol. 4, Issue 2

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: I have heard lots of opinions from trainers and veterinarians about neutering a working dog. / Our K-9 Unit has a new captain. He wants to switch over to using pseudo scent for training most of the time. Is that a bad idea? / I work a four year old Malinois. He is not the most social dog. When we leave, he barks nonstop. How do I get him to stop? 
  • In My Opinion: The Case for Assigned Canine Vehicles – By Terry Fleck
  • Focusing Your Patrol Dog on Human Apprehension: A step-by-step method for teaching and reinforcing human orientation – By Jerry Bradshaw
  • Deployment: Teamwork Under Fire: Police K-9 Magazine 2008 Team of the Year: Officer Robert Edwards and K-9 Rico, Saint Paul Police. A handler and K-9 display courage and perseverance in a running gun battle.
  • Training the Dog-Aggressive Canine: K-9 socialization should eliminate aggression toward other dogs – both service and civilian canines. – By Jeff Meyer
  • Canine Legal Update: Patrol Cases – By Terry Fleck
  • On the Firing Range – This article discusses how to introduce a canine to gunfire and train him for that ideal scenario – By Rodney Spicer
  • Healthwatch: Treating Dental Problems in Working Dogs, Part one of this two-part article on dental health discusses common problems that limit your working dog’s effectiveness. – By Clarence Sitzman, DVM

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