May/June 2008 Vol. 4, Issue 3

  • Canine Legal Update: Patrol/Supervisors and Administrators Case – By Terry Fleck
  • Training Perspectives Q & A: My dog has an annoying habit of turning around and biting the leash when he gets frustrated. / What would cause a dog to work great one day and terrible the next? / Detection behavior troubles with parcel dogs 
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The K-9 Experience in American Samoa – By Frederick J. O’Brien and Glen Lefiti
  •  Long Line 101: A Tactical Perspective: K-9 tactical deployments can benefit from proper use of a long line. – By Bill Lewis II
  • Deployment: Tracking an Assailant: A burglar and sexual predator is no match for a Madison Police Department K-9.
  • Legal Issues: The Dog’s Nose Knows – Accelerant detection canines prove their ability to out-detect laboratory specialists – By Ted Daus
  • Healthwatch: Treating Dental Problems in Working Dogs, Part II of a two-part article on dental health tells how to keep your canine’s teeth in top shape. – By Clarence Sitzman, DVM
  • 2008 Police K-9 Magazine Sourcebook – Dog Vendors, Training, Equipment, and more

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