July/August 2008 Vol. 4, Issue 4

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: I will soon be getting a police dog for our department. I currently have a pet black Labrador, who is 12 years old, and three kids, ages 9, 6 and 2. Could someone tell me what to expect when I get this new dog, and how my kids should act around him? / Is it a good idea to train your dog a lot around gunfire? / I have a three year old Dutch Shepherd that is a single-purpose narc dog. She has a passive alert. My problem is that when she is just a little bit out of my sight, she bites the first thing she can get to. 
  • In My Opinion: Homeowner’s Insurance for Police Service Dogs – By Terry Fleck
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The San Diego Police Department’s K-9 Unit – By Carey Brooks and Bill Ellithorpe
  • Training for Passive Indication – By Robert Lukason
  • Healthwatch: Keeping Your Dog Mobile – A diagnosis of canine arthritis doesn’t have to result in retirement. – By Paul S. McNamara, DVM, DACVS
  • Legal Issues: Personal Liability Protection – By Justin D. Grosz
  • Advanced Explosives Search Techniques – By Heather Orton
  • Canine Legal Update: Narcotics Case Law – By Terry Fleck

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