November/December 2008 Vol. 4, Issue 6

  • Canine Legal Update: Accelerant Detection Case – By Terry Fleck
  • Training Perspectives Q & A: I’m trying to decide between a titled dog or a younger, green dog for my small department / When my new dog “heels,” he wraps himself around my leg and looks up at me. How do I break him of this behavior? / My dog simply will not give up his toy and the problem is getting worse. / 
  • In My Opinion: Listening to the K-9 Expert: No one is better qualified to make K-9 deployment decisions than the K-9 handler. – By Terry Fleck
  • Perimeter Containment: A Safe Tactical Option for Patrol – By Jack H. Schonely
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: Working Under Extreme Weather Conditions in Norway – By Frode Auset
  • Using Play Drive in Bite Work – By Ken Pietras
  • Legal Issues: Checking Parcels for Home Delivery – Case Law supports the interruption of drug trafficking via parcel delivery services. – By Ted Daus
  • Implementing, Managing, & Maintaining a Detection K-9 Unit: A comprehensive look at the K-9 supervisor’s role – By David Dorn
  • Healthwatch: Through Canine Eyes: Part one of a two-part article on canine vision describes how the eye works and discusses some canine advantages in visual perception. – By Kevin T. Fitzgerald, DVM, DABVP
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