September/October 2009 Vol. 5, Issue 5

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Does letting other people pet your police dog hurt the dog’s working abilities? Do you have any good ideas to get a dog to range out during an area search? Have any trainers developed a good way to use the remote door openers effectively?
  • K-9 Opinion: Publicity Hound: The Most Dangerous Breed of Dog: Beware of the uncertified SAR dog and handler who seem too good to be true – they probably are. – By John William Grima
  • The Power of Reward, Part II: Training, Building, Searches – By Jerry Bradshaw
  • Beyond the Bite Suit: An Alternative Approach to Minimizing Equipment Fixation – By Ron Gunton
  • A Car, A Dog, and a Mission: So you want to start a K-9 Unit? An Overview of what it takes to create successful K-9 teams. – By C. B. Thompson
  • Canine Legal Update: Patrol Cases – By Terry Fleck
  • Deployment: K-9 Tales from the Crypt – By Steve Dean
  • Healthwatch: Causes and Treatment of Canine Colitis – By Joanne Wolfe
  • Legal Issues: Understanding Patrol K-9 Legal Issues – By Terry Fleck

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