November/December 2009 Vol. 5, Issue 6

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Try things that calm the dog down prior to giving the sniff command. The dog is encouraged to bite the suspect in many positions and activities. The decoy has to make the dog bite at the right moment, so timing is important. Work to make the training as real as possible and you will be better prepared. How do I calm down a very high drive, social dog that is two years old?
  • K-9 Opinion: Is Mandatory Rotation a Sensible Approach? – By Ron Gunton
  • A Question of Drives – By Michael Colton
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: Touring the Hungarian National Police Dog Handlers’ School – By Jeff Meyer
  • Bulletproof Your K-9 Unit: Don’t give a prosecuting attorney the ammunition to shoot down your agency in court. – By Brad Smith
  • Trust Your Dog: Training, networking, and trust in your partner are the K-9 officer’s keys to success – By Jeff R. Hoover
  • Healthwatch: Cruciate Ligament Injuries and Treatment Options for Police Dogs – By Gary Spodnick, DVM, DACVS and Amy Barefoot
  • OC’s (pepper spray) Effect on Police Service DogsBy Terry Fleck
  • Canine Case Law: Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Criminal Law – By Ted Daus

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