May/June 2010 Vol. 6, Issue 3

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: I think when used correctly, both the e-collar and pinch collars have their place in the K-9 toolbox. What do your experts think? I have a police dog that often bites me, but never hard. However, during work he is known to come back at me when he is frustrated. Are those two things related? Any good suggestions to keep my four year old Malinois from digging?
  • K-9 Opinion: Where’s Your Dog’s Head in Obedience? – By Ron Cloward
  • The Laser-Guided Police Service Dog – By Vin Ambrose
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The Winnipeg Police Canine Unit – By Brian Gilson
  • Avoiding E-Collar Pitfalls – By Gregg Tawney
  • Police K-9 Magazine Interview: One on One: Charles Kircher, Pioneer in Explosives Dog Training By Marilyn Jeffers Walton
  • Canine Legal Update: K-9 Narcotics Cases, Part II – By Terry Fleck
  • You are Responsible: Don’t lose your valuable partner unnecessarily – By Chris Morrell
  • Healthwatch: Protect Canine Hearing – By Kevin T. Fitzgerald, DVM, DABVP
  • Legal Issues: When is Your Canine a Service Dog? – By Terry Fleck

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