July/August 2010 Vol. 6, Issue 4

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Is there any problem with a dual-purpose dog? Does doing two tasks hurt the dog’s performance? Environmental issues for single-purpose patrol Malinois. What is the best way to store my training aids in the trunk of my car on training day?
  • K-9 Opinion: K-9 and the Mutual-Aid Agreement – By John M. Peters
  • The Pre-Deployment Briefing – By Toby Czapla
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The Salem Police K-9 Unit – By Steve Smith
  • Legal Issues: FLSA Overtime Compensation for K-9 Officers – By Warren D. Atlas, esq., and Susan A. Atlas, esq.
  • Police K-9 Magazine Interview: One on One: Roland Vanacker By Axel van der Borght
  • Canine Legal Update: K-9 Patrol Cases, Part 1 – By Terry Fleck
  • Legal Issues: You Store It – We Sniff It: A defendant’s right to privacy is explored in connection with stashing illegal substances in off-site rental storage units – By Ted Daus
  • Police K-9 Magazine’s BUYER’S GUIDE
  • Healthwatch: Cyanide Toxicity and the Working Canine – By Paul S. McNamara, DVM, DACVS
  • A Better Building SearchBy Michael Colton

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