Jan/Feb 2011 Vol. 7, Issue 1

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Do you have a good system for accepting donations? Are there things I can do now to make it easier for my dog to transition to retirement? To deploy a narcotics dog to search a vehicle after other officers have already hand-searched it? – Jeff Barrett, Tracy Bowling, Ron Cloward, Michael Colton, Ted Daus, Mary Davis, Steve Dean, Marv Gangloff, Ron Gunton, Rob Lukason, Wendell Nope, Ken Pavlick, Doug Roller, Brad Smith, Dick van Leenan, and Andy Weiman
  • K-9 Opinion: Justifying the Cost of Imported Dogs – By Al Gill
  • Detector – Introducing Rob Lukason, Associate Editor – By Rob Lukason
  • The False Alert: Reasons and Remediations – By Mike Herstik
  • Scent Detection: Reality-Based Detection Training – By Rodney Spicer
  • Patrol: Introducing Ron Gunton, Associate Editor – By Ron Gunton
  • Developing a Tactical Patrol Dog Part 2: The Release and Recall – By Doug Roller
  • Dutch Half-Brothers – By Lt. Dick van Leenan
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service – By Mike Stratford
  • Legal: Introducing Ted Daus, Associate Editor – By Ted Daus
  • The Gun Dog – By Ted Daus
  • Healthwatch: Canine Influenza: Prevention and Treatment – By Paul S. McNamara, DVM DACVS

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