Mar/Apr 2011 Vol. 7, Issue 2

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: In your experts’ opinion, is there a hard-and-fast rule about how old a dog must be to start patrol work? / What types of physical fitness standard is considered “best practice” for officers in the K-9 industry? / What is the best – and most cost-effective – way of dealing with a broken canine tooth?
  • Police K-9 Magazine’s 2011 Team of the Year: In Dog We Trust – Officer D. Scott Peelman and K-9 Cesar of Phoenix (AZ) PD. – By Brian Riggan
  • Patrol: Hiding in Plain View – By Ron Gunton
  • K-9 Announcements: Do They Compromise Your Safety? There may be a more prudent approach to announcements than the one most officers learned in basic K-9 school.  – By Brad Smith
  • Tactical Dog: Off-Leash Work & Find-and-Bark Training: This is the third in an ongoing series of articles describing the steps required to develop a tactical patrol dog.  – By Doug Roller
  • Detector – Mentoring Mind-Set – By Rob Lukason
  • Canine Legal Update: Explosives and Supervisory Cases – By Terry Fleck
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: Polk County Sheriff’s Office –  By Jeff Barrett and Sara Movahedi
  • The False Alert: Reasons and Remediations – By Mike Herstik
  • Legal: Be Smart, Be Aware – By Ted Daus
  • Legal Issues: Two Years After Gant: Where are We Now? A law professor examines recently imposed limitations on vehicle searches. – By Joseph L. Lester
  • Healthwatch: Xylitol Toxicosis – By Brett W. Bauscher, DVM

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