May/Jun 2011 Vol. 7, Issue 3

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Will introducing a female dog to the team that already has three male dogs be a problem? / What do your experts think about the relative value of certification by a national K-9 organization versus departmental certification? / During initial odor memorization with a bomb dog, how many odors can you combine at first?
  • K-9 Opinion: Mentoring Your Canine Unit – By Scott Fronrath with Vincent Curcio
  • Patrol: “Tactical Patrol Dog” or Simply Obedient? – By Ron Gunton
  • Position in the Stack: Having the handler and his dog lead the way to the entry point is not the safest approach, and it is easy to train a dog to deploy from behind other officers – By Brad Smith
  • Training the Bark Alert – By Steve Sprouse
  • Detector – The Canine “Toolbox” – By Rob Lukason
  • Paper Protection: Like a bulletproof vest in the field, the availability and completeness of your training records can make all the difference in court. – Rob Lukason
  • Legal: Defense Experts vs. a Local Trainer/Handler – By Ted Daus
  • K-9 Legal Update: K-9 Narcotics Cases: Part 1 – By Terry Fleck
  • Tax Incentives to ‘Pay Yourself First’ An accountant offers advice on investing for retirement – By Audie W. Alsopp, CPA
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: The Phoenix Police Department – By Sgt. Rich Maiocco
  • Healthwatch: Practical Treatment for Bleeding Wounds – By Janice Baker, DVM

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