Nov/Dec 2011 Vol. 7, Issue 6

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Do your experts have any suggestions as to how to incorporate an exposed sleeve into our training as a way to develop a better bite? / Do you have any suggestions for retrieving the toy from my canine after a find? / How can I get my dog to relax when he is in his kennel? 
  • K-9 Opinion: Issues to Consider when Assisting Outside Agencies – By Anthony Poli and Dan Terry
  • Patrol: Introducing Doug Roller, Associate editor, Patrol – By Doug Roller
  • Hard Surface Tracking: One Approach. Continuing a track across a hard surface is a challenge for many K-9 teams; this article discusses one training methodology – By Ray Turney
  • Starting a Non-Profit K-9 Association: Drastic times call for creative measures; here’s one way to raise funds for your K-9 Unit – By John White
  • Detector – Keep the Team in Mind – By Rob Lukason
  • Reading Your Dog: Recognizing and understanding the signals your dog sends through his behaviors and body language are essential to the success of the handler-K-9 team. – By Ron Cloward
  • Excerpt from “Trailing Versus Tracking: Keys to Success” – This article appeared in the Mar/Apr 2010 issue – By Jeff Schettler
  • Legal: K-9 Records and Statistics – By Ted Daus
  • K-9 Legal Update: K-9 Accelerant/ Arson Cases – By Terry Fleck
  • K-9 Agency Spotlight: Pentagon Force Protection Agency – Pentagon Police Department’s K-9 Unit – By Philip Sherman
  • Supervisory Liability Under Federal Law: A chronic failure to train and to document supervisory monitoring of training is likely to land handlers, supervisors, and the municipality in court. – By John Peters

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