May/Jun 2012 Vol. 8, Issue 3

May/June 2012
  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Topics: Dogs and Social Skills, Feeding Schedule, Gunfire Exposure and Hearing and Behavioral Problems – Jeff Barrett, Ron Cloward, Michael Colton, Rob Lukason, Ken Pavlick, Pam Rogers, Doug Roller, Brad Smith, Steve Sprouse, and Dick van Leenan
  • K-9 Opinion: Reconsidering Attic Deployments – By Rex W. McKinney
  • Patrol: Walk Before You Run – By Doug Roller
  • K-9 Training: The Tactical Advantage of a Verbal Release – By Jeff Meyer
  • ‘K-9 Alive’: Prevent the Predictable – By Brad Smith
  • Legal: Supreme Court Update – By Ted Daus
  • Dog Reliability on Trial – By Ted Daus
  • Detector: Why Should We Assess? – By Rob Lukason
  • Healthwatch: Your K-9 Partner’s Annual Wellness Exam – By Dr. Alexis Newman

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