Jul/Aug 2012 Vol. 8, Issue 4

July/August 2012
  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Topics: Combining Bomb Dogs and Drug Dogs together, Living with K-9 and Job Performance, Deploy for Lost Person – Jeff Barrett, Ron Cloward, Michael Colton, Mike Herstik, Art Lopez, Rob Lukason, Ken Pavlick, Brad Smith, and Steve Sprouse
  • K-9 Opinion: Odor Imprinting: Think Outside the “Box” – By Ken Pavlick
  • Patrol: 2012 DOD MWD Training Seminar and K-9 Trials – By Doug Roller
  • The Evolution of Canine Selection – By Rob Lukason
  • K-9 Officer Down! – By Scott Clark
  • Detector: Benefits of External Canine Certification – By Rob Lukason
  • Tactial Debrief: Dark Deployment Takes a Deadly Turn – By Brad Smith
  • Legal: Significant Rulings So Far This Year – By Ted Daus
  • Avoid Engagement Failure – By Kent Gergory
  • Police K-9 Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide – Dog Vendors, Equipment, Trainers, Resources and more
  • Healthwatch: Bloat and GDV: Beyond Basics – By Dr. Alexis Newman

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