Sep/Oct 2012 Vol. 8, Issue 5

Sept/Oct 2012
  • Training Perspectives Q & A: How can I keep my single-purpose narcotics dog from losing his mind after getting his toy during training sessions? What do you think about using a toy reward to teach the verbal release? What is the best way to deal with extreme urine distractability during searches?  – Scott Clark, Ron Cloward, Michael Colton, Mary Davis, Steve Dean, Randy Hare, Mike Herstik, Art Lopez, Wendell Nope, Ken Pavlick, Pam Rogers, and Doug Roller
  • K-9 Opinion: Still Productive or Burned Out? – By Brad Smith
  • Patrol: Semper Paratus (Always Ready) – By Doug Roller
  • Team Tactics with K-9: The ‘Illinois Model’ – By Louis Hayes with Danny Ramirez
  • Tactial Debrief: Locked in Drive: How ‘Fight Drive’ Overcame an Officer – By Steve Kaye
  • Launching a K-9 Unit: Starting a K-9 Unit from Scratch – By Art Lopez
  • Detector: Prioritizing Needs and Wants – By Rob Lukason
  • Re-examining the Vehicle Sniff – By Kent Gregory
  • Legal: Dog Day in Court- By Ted Daus
  • Legal Update: Kerr v. City of West Palm Beach: A Look Back and Ahead – By Sergeant Bill Lewis II
  • Healthwatch: Chronic Canine Mobility Problems – By Dr. Alexis Newman

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