Sept/Oct 2013 Vol. 9, Issue 5

  • Training Perspectives Q & A: Topics: Barking and Live Gunfire Drills, Should K-9s being purchased from a vendor be subjected to medical checks? Food aggressive dog – Scott Clark, Ron Cloward, Michael Colton, Steve Dean, Ken Gregory, Art Lopez, Denzel Lukens, Wendell Nope, Ken Pavlick, Jack Robicheaux, Doug Roller, Brad Smith, Terry Uetrecht, Dale Walls, and Armin Winkler
  • K-9 Supervision: A Case for Review – By Ron Cloward
  • K-9 Opinion: The Best Breed for Police Work – By Ron Cloward
  • The Wall: Another Tool in Bite Development for the Police Service Dog – By Kent Gregory
  • K-9 Training: Vehicle Assaults: Training the Problem from All Sides – By Scott Clark
  • Detector: Documenting Performance According to a Standard: Why is it important? – By Rob Lukason
  • Scent Detection: Scent Identification – By Ted Daus
  • Legal: Search and Seizure of Cell Phone Information – By Ted Daus
  • Healthwatch: Paws and Pads: Anatomy and Injury – By Dr. Alexis Newman

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