Venturine, Ryan

Ryan Venturine, Founder & CEO of MWDK9, a privately-held company that offers state of the art K9 services to Law Enforcement and the private sector. Ryan has 20 years of established business leadership and military experience. Recognized as a seasoned management executive with a proven record of building entrepreneurial businesses, developing high-performing leaders and producing bottom line results. He has demonstrated success in formulating and executing profitable business strategy.

Mr. Venturine is certified by The Ohio Attorney General for Patrol-Related, Narcotic Detection, Explosive Detection, Tracking and Article Search for Law Enforcement K-9s. Mr. Venturine is licensed through the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy to possess and store controlled substances. MWD has an approved magazine on-site for storage of explosives.

With a pioneering spirit, visionary mindset and solid financial acumen, Venturine launched his company, MWDK9, for elite specialized training of canines, based on a highly successful dog training concept that originated in St. Petersburg, Russia. The combination of innate talent, professional experience and military training, together with a deep understanding of business development and operations, has led to a reputation for quality service, customer satisfaction and client retention.

MWDK9 has developed two distinct programs: K9 Athletic and K9 Elite which are both supported by K9 Health services. MWDK9 offerings include: premier protection and detection (narcotics and explosives) services, highly specialized obedience, agility and course training agility, and canine health services (laser treatment, EMS/TENS, cold compression and hydrotherapy).

MWDK9’s innovative approach, founded on the principles of psychology, philosophy and physiology, is unique and has never been available to the canine world. The MWD concept embraces three fundamentals of training success: Mindset, Willingness and Determination. The MWD methodology for canine training is deeply rooted in the science of four temperaments (inborn traits that effect behavior) which yielded forward-thinking programs that facilitate communication between canines and humans. The MWDK9 mindset is simple: “Every day we get better” (K9 and Human).

Class: Developing A Balanced K-9 Using Temperament Diagnosis & Reward Based Training Methods

This class will explore all the components needed to develop a balanced K-9. At MWDK9, we strive to produce K-9s with stable temperaments by focusing on central nervous system development. We have seen that by using reward-based training combined with both rehabilitative and preventative medical care, we can create a strong bond between the handler and the K-9. By utilizing integrative medical techniques and training with a strong knowledge of the physiology and kinesiology of the dog, we can create an elite athlete that is less reliant on medications that may alter the reliability of the K-9. This course will teach all the ways we create a strong relationship and a pain free K-9 that you can trust on the street and in your home.