Whitfield County Crime-Fighting Partners Shine On National Stage

When Whitfield County Deputy Todd Thompson pulled over a car last December, he soon sensed this wasn’t going to be a routine traffic stop.

A few harrowing minutes later, Deputy Thompson had put two criminals behind bars and earned a newfound respect for his fellow K9 deputy, Eddy.

“I bet I said two sentences to the passenger, a male, before I immediately asked for backup because I knew something wasn’t right,” Deputy Thompson recalled. “Then the situation got pretty bad. The guy ended up running from me. I tased him and he jerked the prongs out of himself. He started swinging at me. By now, I’ve lost my handcuffs, I’ve lost one of my magazine pouches, I’m fighting the guy. I keep telling him, hey, if you don’t stop, I’m gonna pop this door and Eddy’s gonna come out here and he’s gonna bite you. Sure enough, I ended up having to pop the door, the first time I’d ever done that.” Read More