Wing, Garret

Lieutenant Garret Wing

  • Tactical Investigations Unit Commander
  • Incident Commander for numerous multi-agencies, multi-dog, armed offender K-9 searches
  • Former Senior K-9 Supervisor
  • Narcotics and Patrol K-9 Handler
  • Civilian EOD K-9 Handler
  • Co-Owner of American Overwatch K-9 Services

Class: Advanced E-Collar and Marker Training for the Working K-9 *Live-Demonstration with Human Participants*

Take all of your training to the next level utilizing the e-collar and marker training system as the ultimate communication tools. Learn how the e-collar can be used as not just a hammer, but as a gas pedal, brake pedal and steering wheel. Live e-collar demonstrations on humans! We will show you how we use the e-collar to progress through its five phases of use and how you can use it to improve every aspect of your dog training program. This class will be not only educational but also very entertaining for all!

Class: High Risk K-9 Tracking with Tactical Teams

The lessons that we learn are written on the tombstones of others.” – Reid Henrichs

This class focuses on training and preparing canine handlers, canine supervisors and backup officers to maximize officer safety and decrease liability during dangerous canine deployments to locate and apprehend armed and violent offenders. This class is essential for any K-9 team that tracks or searches for criminal suspects. We believe in realistic training to prepare for real-world deployments.

Topics include:

  • Deadly K-9 Deployments
  • Understanding Proximity Alerts
  • Team Communication and Formations
  • Tactical/Emergency Removal of K-9 Bite
  • Handler-Down-Rescue
  • Quick Reaction Teams
  • Effective Use of Flashlights
  • Managing K-9 Command Post and Resources