Wright, Jake

Jake Wright served in the United States Marine Corps, which gave him the opportunity to see all the capabilities a K-9 can offer. This inspired him to train dogs both for civilians and law enforcement over the last 10 years. Over that time, he has competed in sports IGP (Schutzhund), PSA and became a certified PSA decoy. Currently, he is the Owner and Head Trainer at Precision K9 Work in Austin, Texas. He and his staff work daily with owners/handlers from law enforcement to family pet owners. This requires a balance of various training techniques and full understanding of canine behavior. He is very passionate about canine education and his mission is to make sure K-9 handlers and dog owners get the proper education.Visit precisionk9work.com

Class: The Art of Remote Collar Introduction and Problem Solving

Remote collars are a great way to get the off leash control and reliability we all want. This class will teach the step-by-step approach on starting a dog in the remote collar and how we can get the off leash reliability. Along the way, we will cover misconceptions about remote collar training and discuss problem solving and troubleshooting solutions that may arise when using the remote collar.